Artist Statement


"I paint to express reality to viewers. Along with transforming my own reality. I use celebrities in some of my work to exhibit emotions and because they are relatable to mostly everyone. I developed my own language called a "Roman Numeral Cipher." This is where essentially numbers represent letters that compile words or sentences. Each number can be attached to a letter using the keypad of a Phone. I sometimes paint geometric works that symbolize minimalism and uniformity. One of my favorites though is my self interpretation of the aurora borealis. In that style I challenge my flow and uniformity a lot. The dimensional brush work represents the seven dimensions of wellness we experience in our lives. I paint to free others from concern, but also to intrigue the viewer to question everything around them including themselves. This is my form of opening the viewers mind to see mine, or at least a close draw. To visualize all of my emotion, mindset and energy is a lot. It all tells a story though, and all of the stories are in my work. From the past or present in my life. Thank you for your interest, my story is always a work in progress!"