Artist Statement


"I paint to express one reality or another to my viewers, all the while transforming my own.

Some of my works feature celebrities and other iconic figures. They ignite emotions across vast spans of people; I try to capture and exhibit that phenomenon.

I paint and communicate through Roman numeral encryptions. They can be translated with any old-fashioned T9-style cellphone keyboard.

Other works try to harness minimalism and uniformity. I manifest these qualities through my geometric works.

As nice as uniformity can be, I'm often inspired to challenge my flow and uniformity with my interpretations of the Aurora Borealis phenomenon.

My dimensional brushwork is a representation for the seven dimensions of wellness that we experience throughout our lives.

I paint to free other from concern, to invoke curiosity, to topple dominos of questions and answers. This is my medium for opening the viewer's mind to see mine clearly; may we meet through time and shake intellectual hands.

To see art is to observe the snapshot of a psychology - the emotion, the mindset, the energy, the atmosphere. It's all there as a story to be told. Thank you for your interest, the story continues with you."