Hello, if you're reading this you have come far. I appreciate your support and efforts in taking the time to do so. I am a 21 year old contemporary abstract artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Before art, I had practiced photography as my main creative outlet during a time when skateboarding and urbex were a part of my life. After 5 years working with photos and editing, the hobby began to inspire me for something more. Photos tell a story documented at the time. This intrigued me to manifest my own raw works of art that emotionally pertain to my life, vision and mindset at the exact moment. Art has always had a great value in my life by separating my mind from the world at times and broadening my mindset at all times. It became valuable to my life when the hard times added up and it moved me forward, such as dropping out of college. Its given me exactly what I wanted which was to be able to make my perception visual to viewers and to tell a story from scratch. Every day I continue to find inspiration from close friends, acquaintances, notable people and most importantly whats around me. My life goal is to not only give people art that makes them happy but to give the viewer something to relate to. As art has done a lot for my life and brought me great happiness and positivity, I wish the same for you. This is just the beginning of what is to come in the future. There is a book worth of things Processing... Thank you for all of your continued support and interest.








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